Affiliation Agreement

Affiliation Agreement
1. Introduction
1.1 This affiliation agreement is between NDCS and Walsall & District Deaf Children’s Society (the local group).
1.2 The agreement confirms the local group as a registered association of NDCS on the basis that it: 
  • is a registered charity, or an unregistered charitable organisation, with a constitution previously approved by NDCS.
  • will obtain NDCS’s written consent to any substantive change to its constitution.
1.3 This agreement sets out how both parties propose to work together.
1.4 This agreement runs from the date of signing by both parties until further notice.
2. Shared mission and values
2.1 We recognise that a strong and healthy network can only be achieved by the partners working together. NDCS and the local group agree to work collaboratively to strengthen our capacity to achieve our shared mission.
2.2 The local group agrees to support the NDCS mission ‘to remove the barriers to the achievement of deaf children throughout the world’. This does not preclude each local group having a different mission statement if it is consistent with and supports the shared mission of the network. NDCS and the local group agree to aim to achieve this mission with all its activities.
2.3 NDCS and local groups have a shared set of values that drive our behaviour. These are to be ‘Accountable, Inclusive, Change Focused, Empowering’.
3. NDCS services to the local group
3.1 NDCS is committed to providing benefits to the local group as are agreed in our strategy documents.
3.2 NDCS aim to promote the local group and NDCS working together as an effective network.
3.2 NDCS is committed to monitoring, addressing and seeking to correct any problems that may arise, and aims to continuously improve the benefits of affiliation to NDCS. We will do this by gathering information and feedback from the local groups.
3.3 If a local group is dissatisfied with the way NDCS’s services have been delivered, they may use NDCS’s complaint procedure to seek address.
3.4 In accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of NDCS, the charity shall, at least once in every calendar year, convene one or more National Councils for the consultation of and discussions between representatives of local groups.
4. Collective standards and policies
4.1 Local groups agree to comply with all applicable legal requirements, and any best practice guidance issued by or referred to them by NDCS.
4.2. NDCS is committed to empowering and involving service users in all its work. The local group agrees to ensure there is active user involvement in the governance and management of the local group.
4.3 NDCS is committed to working with external organisations in order to achieve our mission. The local group agrees to aim to co operate with other groups and organisations supporting deaf children within their area.
4.3 The local group agrees to adopt and operate an equality and diversity policy in a form acceptable to NDCS.
4.4 The local group agrees to adopt and operate a complaint policy and procedure in a form acceptable to NDCS.
4.5 The local group agree that the members of its management committee are responsible for the safety of children taking part in its activities, and that it will adopt and put into practice the NDCS Child Protection Policy for local groups.
4.6 The local group agrees to keep NDCS informed of their activities, on at least an annual basis and otherwise as NDCS requests.
4.7 The local group agrees to respect choices parents and carers make about their child’s education, language, communication and use of technology and to welcome all families with deaf children whatever choices they have made, recognising that different approaches suit different children and that there is not a single approach which suits everyone.
5. The NDCS name, image and logo
5.1 The local group have the right to publicise its affiliation to NDCS on official correspondence and promotional material in accordance with NDCS guidance and instructions.
5.2. This will normally be by using the NDCS Registered Association logo (which will be provided in an appropriate format) alongside the name of the local group.
5.3. The local group, as an affiliated NDCS association, agrees to undertake to protect the good name of NDCS at all times. The local group will not take any action that damages the name of NDCS and the local group network, or damages their interests. This includes issuing misleading statements about NDCS in general, the local group network, or the activities of NDCS or the local group.
6. Management of this agreement
6.1 Affiliation of the local group to NDCS may be terminated on any breach of obligation or eligibility provision.
6.2 NDCS and the local group may terminate this agreement, with notice and without cause with three months written notice.
6.3 In the event that the local group’s affiliation is terminated, all rights of the local group under this agreement and the use of the NDCS name and logo shall immediately cease.
6.4 NDCS may, on three month’s written notice, amend this agreement.